Wind Chill!!!



The weather for the past few weeks has been bipolar. You may need a jacket and a scarf in the morning and flip flops and a tank top by the afternoon. Since the temperature has been up and down, my princess suffers.

I did some research as to why whenever the temperature drops, her asthma flares up. I found that cold air causes the airway to become dry. When the airway is dry, it becomes irritated and swollen, which worsens asthma symptoms. I also discovered that cold air causes the airway to produce histamine. Histamine is the same chemical the body makes during an asthma attack. It triggers most asthma symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing and coughing.

When the weather is cool, I usually give my princess a chewable allergy pill in the morning that contains antihistamine. This helps to lessen the symptoms though out the day.


Cold and Hot!!!


The inconsistent weather pattern has not been good for my princess’ asthma. One day the temperature is in the mid 50s and the next day has a high of almost 90 degrees. Temperature and season changes are not our friends. When the temperature constantly changes from high to low, my princess’ asthma begins to flare up. She begins coughing and clearing her throat a lot. It is difficult for her to sleep at night because of her inability to stop coughing. Neither of us had a good night’s rest that night until I gave her some cough medicine and her inhaler. That helped with the mucus and inflammation of her lungs. I hope the weather is consistent next week because my princess was doing well to start suffering now!!!

Another Week!!!

breathWe made it through another week without having to use the inhaler and the nebulizer! My princess did have to take a little cough syrup for the annoying cough that doesn’t want to go away and the skin monster still haunts her, but aside from that she said she felt good all week. I am extremely grateful that she had an awesome week. Hopefully she continues to have these fresh breaths!!!