Praying for Better Days!!!

I thought everything was going fine. I thought we had everything under control. I was wrong. The school’s secretary called, while I was in class, to tell me that my princess was not feeling well. She had a low-grade fever and headache. Her cough became worse as the morning hours ticked away. I had to leave class early to pick her up from school. She looked so helpless and I felt the same way.

No matter how much medicine she consumes or how many doctor visits we make, the breath monster always comes back to haunt us. It breaks my heart to watch her suffer and not be able to help her. I pray every day for a miracle to happen. Something that many people take for granted is the very thing my princess and I cherish the most. I just want her to be able to BREATHE!!!sick-lauryn

Questions I Cannot Answer!!!

This is the post excerpt.

Since the weather chooses not to make its mind up, my princess has to suffer. This entire weekend has been EXHAUSTING!!!  It all started when the school called Friday evening saying she had to get off the bus because she coughed until she threw up and I had to pick her up. Our evening consisted of cough syrups, a nebulizer, an inhaler, nasal sprays, and cough drops. I was thankful only to have to wake up only one time during the night to give her some cough medicine.

I don’t usually cry, but today was an emotional one. After church, we went by my mom’s house. The kids were playing while the adults were in the kitchen. One of the kids had a golf cart and my princess asked if she could go riding. Before I could answer she said, “Never mind. I know.” She walked away in tears. I tried to console her while trying to hold back my own tears. I could control them no longer after she asked me “Why do I have to have asthma, Mommy?” I didn’t know what to say. That’s a question I cannot answer.img_3131