Wind Chill!!!



The weather for the past few weeks has been bipolar. You may need a jacket and a scarf in the morning and flip flops and a tank top by the afternoon. Since the temperature has been up and down, my princess suffers.

I did some research as to why whenever the temperature drops, her asthma flares up. I found that cold air causes the airway to become dry. When the airway is dry, it becomes irritated and swollen, which worsens asthma symptoms. I also discovered that cold air causes the airway to produce histamine. Histamine is the same chemical the body makes during an asthma attack. It triggers most asthma symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing and coughing.

When the weather is cool, I usually give my princess a chewable allergy pill in the morning that contains antihistamine. This helps to lessen the symptoms though out the day.


Skin Monster!!!

IMG_3251Having asthma not only affects my princess’ breathing, but also her skin. Before she was diagnosed with asthma, dry, itchy patches would form on her skin. My princess would scratch herself until she bled. Her dermatologist diagnosed her with having eczema. She has been on several prescribed creams and nothing ever clears her eczema completely.


We have tried different remedies such as cocoa butter, coconut oil and petroleum jelly but nothing seems to work. I recently found the GOLD BOND Eczema Relief lotion at Walmart. My princess has been using it for about a week and she says her skin isn’t as itchy anymore. I find that the patches are a lot smoother than they were before she started using the lotion. I hope she finds some relief with this product.