Questions I Cannot Answer!!!

This is the post excerpt.

Since the weather chooses not to make its mind up, my princess has to suffer. This entire weekend has been EXHAUSTING!!!  It all started when the school called Friday evening saying she had to get off the bus because she coughed until she threw up and I had to pick her up. Our evening consisted of cough syrups, a nebulizer, an inhaler, nasal sprays, and cough drops. I was thankful only to have to wake up only one time during the night to give her some cough medicine.

I don’t usually cry, but today was an emotional one. After church, we went by my mom’s house. The kids were playing while the adults were in the kitchen. One of the kids had a golf cart and my princess asked if she could go riding. Before I could answer she said, “Never mind. I know.” She walked away in tears. I tried to console her while trying to hold back my own tears. I could control them no longer after she asked me “Why do I have to have asthma, Mommy?” I didn’t know what to say. That’s a question I cannot answer.img_3131

Wind Chill!!!



The weather for the past few weeks has been bipolar. You may need a jacket and a scarf in the morning and flip flops and a tank top by the afternoon. Since the temperature has been up and down, my princess suffers.

I did some research as to why whenever the temperature drops, her asthma flares up. I found that cold air causes the airway to become dry. When the airway is dry, it becomes irritated and swollen, which worsens asthma symptoms. I also discovered that cold air causes the airway to produce histamine. Histamine is the same chemical the body makes during an asthma attack. It triggers most asthma symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing and coughing.

When the weather is cool, I usually give my princess a chewable allergy pill in the morning that contains antihistamine. This helps to lessen the symptoms though out the day.

Source:  http://www.healthline.com/health/asthma/cold-induced-asthma#5

Cold and Hot!!!


The inconsistent weather pattern has not been good for my princess’ asthma. One day the temperature is in the mid 50s and the next day has a high of almost 90 degrees. Temperature and season changes are not our friends. When the temperature constantly changes from high to low, my princess’ asthma begins to flare up. She begins coughing and clearing her throat a lot. It is difficult for her to sleep at night because of her inability to stop coughing. Neither of us had a good night’s rest that night until I gave her some cough medicine and her inhaler. That helped with the mucus and inflammation of her lungs. I hope the weather is consistent next week because my princess was doing well to start suffering now!!!

False Alarm!!!

My princess’ asthma has been under control for the past few weeks. Even though the pollen levels are elevated, we have not needed the nebulizer nor the inhaler for quite some time.

Earlier this week, my princess had dance practice at the dance studio about 15 minutes from our house. When I dropped her off, she told me bye and blew a kiss to me before she walked into the studio as she does every time she goes to practice.

As soon as I made it home, my phone rang. It was my princess’ dance teacher. She called to tell me my princess said she was having an attack and did not feel well. I could not believe she became ill in 15 minutes. Usually we can sense when she’s about to have an asthma attack before it happens. She coughs uncontrollable, breathes heavily and dark circles form around her eyes because of her body’s low oxygen level.

When I walked into the studio, I saw my princess before she saw me. She was giggling and playing with another student. She seemed FINE!!! As soon as she saw me, she changed her happy face to a look as if she was suffering and in pain. Her dance teacher ran to tell me that my princess ran to the restroom saying that she was having an asthma attack and needed to throw up. I thanked her for calling me and we left.

When we got in the car, my princess started singing along with the songs on the radio. I then knew she pretended to be sick!!! I asked her how she felt and she told me she was feeling much better. I couldn’t believe she would lie about being sick!!! She had never done anything like that before. I was so upset!!! I told her I knew she was not telling the truth and ask her why she would lie about being sick. She said she did not want to go to practice that day. I explained to her how important it was for her to tell the truth and lying about being sick is something she should not do. I grounded her for a few days because of her untrue story.


Another Week!!!

breathWe made it through another week without having to use the inhaler and the nebulizer! My princess did have to take a little cough syrup for the annoying cough that doesn’t want to go away and the skin monster still haunts her, but aside from that she said she felt good all week. I am extremely grateful that she had an awesome week. Hopefully she continues to have these fresh breaths!!!

Skin Monster!!!

IMG_3251Having asthma not only affects my princess’ breathing, but also her skin. Before she was diagnosed with asthma, dry, itchy patches would form on her skin. My princess would scratch herself until she bled. Her dermatologist diagnosed her with having eczema. She has been on several prescribed creams and nothing ever clears her eczema completely.


We have tried different remedies such as cocoa butter, coconut oil and petroleum jelly but nothing seems to work. I recently found the GOLD BOND Eczema Relief lotion at Walmart. My princess has been using it for about a week and she says her skin isn’t as itchy anymore. I find that the patches are a lot smoother than they were before she started using the lotion. I hope she finds some relief with this product.

Praying for Better Days!!!

I thought everything was going fine. I thought we had everything under control. I was wrong. The school’s secretary called, while I was in class, to tell me that my princess was not feeling well. She had a low-grade fever and headache. Her cough became worse as the morning hours ticked away. I had to leave class early to pick her up from school. She looked so helpless and I felt the same way.

No matter how much medicine she consumes or how many doctor visits we make, the breath monster always comes back to haunt us. It breaks my heart to watch her suffer and not be able to help her. I pray every day for a miracle to happen. Something that many people take for granted is the very thing my princess and I cherish the most. I just want her to be able to BREATHE!!!sick-lauryn

Anxious Mom!!!

My princess was invited to a birthday party this weekend. I was extremely hesitant to let her go because I knew the kids were going to be outside most of the time. She had been coughing a little, every day this week. I knew that after running outside for a few hours it would get worse.

I know that I can’t put her in a bubble to protect her from the world, so I decided to let her go. I made sure she left with all her medication and left my number with the adults in case of an emergency.

As much as I would like to keep her away from all things harmful, I can’t. I know a day will come when I have to release her into the world alone. To prepare the both of us for that day, I think it was a good start to allow her go to the party. I must let her go so she can learn to breathe on her own.party



Hello! Welcome to my blog! I will be sharing my daughter’s and my journey as we battle the monster in the form of asthma. I hope to inform and support others in similar situations. Every day is different. My goal is to make sure that each day my princess has a fresh breath, not only physically but also mentally. I hope I can inspire others to never give up when the days are rough. Always keep a positive attitude and start each day with a fresh, new breath!!!